About Debbra

Most of us are schooled to become proficient, at least, in an area of life that touches our sense of well-being, or justice, or answers that voice that has always been within us. My whole life has been one that artistic endeavors have shone through. I see and listen to everything as if it were a painting, a sculpture, a photograph, or a story being written. I love having been born with the heart and soul of an artist. A creative spirit gives life a depth of emotion that I thrive on. Art gives my mind an extra world that I am comfortable within.

The creative process captures my heart and makes it beat each and every day. Free spirit, free speech, free expression, are gifts that I cherish and try to obtain. Our world today makes it possible for some people in some places to express that which is within themselves emotionally, creatively, by written word and through visual expression

Wisdom is gathered as one year goes into the next. With the passage of time this wisdom gives a continued sense of increased freedom. As the seasons of each unfold their secrets, so life of the soul reveals its comfort or chaos.

As a woman who has been married to a loving, wonderful, energetic yet complicated man; a woman who has grown children and grandchildren scattered throughout the country searching for their place, friends and work, that feels just right within themselves; this is the woman you will know created the art work set before you. If you are enchanted, thrilled, excited or distraught by it, I will have touched your emotions. I hope I do.